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Welcome to XYZ Foundation FluidReview Grantee Portal  


XYZ Foundation helps creative and entrepreneurial people access capital, mentorship and other support
systems to create positive change in their community.


Annually, XYZ Foundation awards grants $1,750,000 and directs $3,250,000 in mission related investments (MRIs). MRI capital is patient capital, in the form of term loans that are made to third party-funds or made directly with social purpose business or enterprising nonprofits. The following table summarizes XYZ Foundation’s granting and MRI streams.

Networked Philanthropy
As a relatively new grantmaker in the philanthropy landscape, XYZ Foundation invested considerable time developing our granting and impact investing strategy. Before we launched our intake process, we spent over 18 months researching best practices from across the globe. Our strategy empowers our staff, reviewers, applicants, successful grantees, researchers, other grantmakers, and policymakers with data and information to make highly informed decisions.

Grant Streams

We are pleased to provide seed, growth and collaboration grants to qualified nonprofits and charities. You will find our application, review and reporting right-sized to value of the grant. This includes our novel reporting format that incorporates capacity building into all our granting streams. Administrative burden is kept to an absolute minimum.

Low Interest Loans

10% of our endowment is actively managed under our Social Impact Investment Strategy (SiiS). This strategy allows us to make fund-to-fund investments and direct investments to social purpose businesses that meet our strict governance, social and environmental screening process. Ranging from $50k to $500K, our investment is happy to evaluate your business and invest accordingly.

Open Data

XYZ Foundation has adopted Creative Commons for most of the data and information that we collect. We ‘bank on openness’ as a key condition to accelerate ideas and problem solving.